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Tangipahoa Parish Fair

Take a step back in time and see how things were made before large factories became the way of life.

See how your great grandparents made their clothing by hand. 

How blankets and quilts were made with a special person in mind and every stitch was made with love.

Art Work from all ages can be found on display in the textiles exhibit.

From a simple pencil sketch to oil paintings that could hang in any fine museum.

Toys as simple as a doll made from a  close pin or as finely detailed as a wooden truck with moving parts, we have something to excite everyone's imagination.

Nothing goes to waste with our recycled division.  Take something old and make it new again. A soda bottle made into a bird feeder.  Plastic shopping bags made into a rug. If you can dream it, try your hand at making it and we will put it on display.  

Textile Divisions Plants and Flowers &  Poultry and Rabbits